Agra Aska – Novella

A Face without a Hole

This version of AGRA ASKA was published on 17 June 2011:


Originally published in 1998 by Scorpion Press

Originally written in 1984

“I could go on to tell you about the references from literature, mythology and religion that are planted in the text like precious gemstones embedded in a rock face, landmines primed to explode at the tread of sensitive feet. I could rave about the sparkling dialogue, the elegant and witty prose, and the sheer passion that’s to be found in some of the pronouncements. I could talk about resonances and patterns that weave back on themselves like a demented Mobius strip. I could do all of that and more, but if you haven’t got the message that this book is a little bit special by now then I guess you never will.”
– Peter Tennant in UNREAL DREAMS (1998)

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