The St. Osyth Lion

Lion reported on the loose overnight near Clacton in which area I live:


cf the story I published by Steve Duffy in CERN ZOO entitled ‘The Lion’s Den’, later appearing in the VanderMeers’ massive THE WEIRD:


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4 responses to “The St. Osyth Lion

  1. Judging by today’s Breakfast TV, the fuss about the Clacton Lion goes on! Over the years I have been discussing the escape of lions and bears etc. as a theme of CERN ZOO. I could not then possibly imagine there would emerge a ‘real’ mythical Clacton Lion on all the world’s media!!! (Clacton where I live).

  2. Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 – 04:00 pm:   
    I must say that looks more like a stuffed toy to me. There was another one recently where a toy tiger on a roof sparked a bit of a panic, wasn’t there?

    Yes, Caroline, it’s linked above on this very page:

    Also just realised that St Osyth is mentioned in THE LAST BALCONY (in the story ‘Benchmark for Ghosts’ written many years ago).

    Above from here:

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