Worse Troubles at Sea


It seems we are no longer allowed to suffer. Our sufferings shall now become a reality documentary, or a work of art, or adapted as an advert or report on 24/7 news. Or at the very least we suffer for our *own* created ‘art’ or as a topic of social reportage or shared sympathy among our friends and relations in real life or on the Internet. In the old days, we suffered alone, with the loud ticking of the parlour clock. No visitors. And a broken wireless. So buck up.


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2 responses to “Worse Troubles at Sea

  1. from ‘The Glastonbury Romance’ (1933) by John Cowper Powys:

    “‘There’s the whole pit of Hell in ourselves, fire, smoke, sulphur, pitch, stench, burning! Some souls have a firm floor, Cordelia, that anyone can stamp on and it makes no difference. But other souls have trapdoors in their floors leading down to . . . to places unthinkable!'”

  2. That’s why I tell people to watch their step.

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