The Fear-Funnel – a new ghost story from 1933

In my current re-reading — first read by me in the 1970s — of ‘The Glastonbury
Romance’ (1933) by John Cowper Powys, I think I have discovered a genuinely
scary and substantial ghost story within the chapter entitled ‘Mark’s Court’. Mr
Geard is made a bet to sleep in a haunted room where nobody previously could
A discrete classic.

Here’s a quote from it:
“But he clenched his hands together stubbornly, and stared at the red fire,
resolute, in his massive way to beat down this fear, to beat it down and hold it
down, so that it should not grow into panic; so that it should not get into his
legs. So far it was only in his heart and in his throat. But he could feel it
descending. It ran down a funnel . . . the fear-funnel it was that it ran down .
. . inside his ribs . . . no, between his spine and his stomach.”

PS: For any interested, here are all my quotes so far from this book:

PPS (Oct 2014): I have now read ALOUD a large section of ‘The Fear Funnel’ as linked from here:

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