THE LAST BALCONY – The Apocryfan – Yesterfang

THE INKERMEN PRESS (1 August 2012)
“The Last Balcony is one of the best author’s anthology ever. […]  In the end, I can only be gratified to see this superlative collection appearing under the wings of the Inkermen.” – Dan Ghetu of Ex Occidente Press (quoted from here)

“Lewis does crepuscular decay better than almost anyone. […] ‘Tugging the Heartstrings’ — a gem, a minor masterpiece, a beautiful story that I found uplifting. […] I always thought that clarity was his weak point, but the prose in the vast majority of the stories in this collection is beautifully clear and sometimes highly lyrical. […] ‘The Mentioning’ — this book seems designed to disprove every assertion I make. No sooner do I make a claim that Des is at his best in ‘inner city’ or ‘isolated rural’ (specifically I meant marsh and fenland) locations than he writes a superb piece set on the coast among the cliffs of a wild beach. This story is a meditation, on death, loss and fate, and is utterly infused with the authentic ambience of that margin where land meets sea. […] Des is able to make a simple game of clock patience seem sinister, to imbue it with a seepiness, for want of a better word, that is even more sinister than plain old-fashioned creepiness.” — Rhys Hughes, from HERE.

Orders: Amazon UK    Amazon USA

By moving your mouse over the cover image at the InkerMen Press link above you can actually peer in through the window.

ARTWORK: Tony Lovell (including the Blue Apocryphan Red Indian)

A hardback book with dustjacket, 336 pages. Read it between jumping and hitting the ground. The last balcony, you see, is at the top of a building with many stories….


Anyone who wants a signed copy of THE LAST BALCONY, please let me know in coming weeks and months. I shall purchase the book from Amazon and post it on to you. It will cost you whatever it costs me to do that (normal book cost charged by Amazon and any postal costs that I incur).

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