Today’s quoted passage from ‘The Glastonbury Romance’ (1933) by John Cowper Powys:

“Human thoughts, those mysterious projections from the creative nuclei of living organisms, have a way of radiating from the brain that gives them birth. Such emanations, composed of ethereal vibrations, take invisible shapes and forms as they float forth. Thus to any supermaterial eye, endowed with psychic perception, the atmosphere of Mrs. Legge’s front parlour that night must have been a strange scene. The secret thoughts of her guests rose and floated, hovered and wavered, formed and reformed, under those glittering candelabra, making as it were a second party, a gathering of thought-shapes, that would remain when all these people had left the room. All thought-eidola are not of the same consistency or of the same endurance. It is the amount of life-energy thrown into them that makes the difference. Some are barely out of the body before they fade away. Others — and this is the cause of many ghostly phenomena — survive long after the organisms that projected them is (sic) buried in the earth.”

Earlier such quotes shown here:

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