Confortonation Bias


The Pennine Tower Restaurant within Forton Services has now beeen made a listed building:

My original real-time review of Simon Kurt Unsworth’s story (as quoted from here):

<<The Pennine Tower Restaurant
Indeed, it isn’t. I can vouch for that. And I don’t review non-fiction but I will say, nevertheless, that this is another excellent Chinese Whispers – Blair Witch Project project in prose, with much footnoted research material, about the haunting of a Motorway Service Station  in Lancashire called Forton. […]
I was at University at Bailrigg from 1966-69 and nearby Forton with this restaurant (newly built then) was a favourite haunt of students like me when one felt hungry – especially at, say, 3 a.m in the morning. This was the very begininning of 24/7 life that has now become so common. I can add to the research for Unsworth and I shall write to him accordingly.  I deny any responsibility for anything, however … retrocausally or otherwise.
“Looking at separate events, I was struck by how easy it is to take random things and make them into a chain, creating links that do not exist. […] Once you have an idea that a pattern exists, everything starts to fit the pattern. It has a name – confirmation bias…” (20 Sep 10 – another 3 hours later)>>

And on that note, I confirm my retirement from real-time reviewing after four years of doing it for a mixture of reasons.

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