Lavie Tidhar

Congratulations to Lavie Tidhar and PS Publishing for recently winning the World Fantasy Best Novel Award for OSAMA.

I am proud that Lavie’s first publication was in Nemonymous Three (2003) above.

Lavie’s ‘article’ below was posted here in 2006 as one record of many writers’ records about their Nemonymous experience at that time:

The Ballerina (Nemo 3)
Grandma’s Two Watches (Nemo 5)
My story in Nemonymous #3 was my first proper sale, and it made a
big difference. Since then I’ve sold stories to Sci Fiction (sadly, the last one
published before it folded last year) and to two other Ellen Datlow-edited
anthologies (look out for my story, “My Travels with Al-Qaeda” in Salon
Fantastique – co-edited by Datlow and Terry Windling – towards the end of the
year), to Strange Horizons, Postscripts, and a fair number of others. My novella
“An Occupation of Angels”, was published in paperback in the UK by Pendragon
Press, and I was a finalist for Writers of the Future last year. I’ve also been
making a documentary film about SF which is currently in pre-editing – it will
take some time to be finished! – and I keep being published semi-regularly in
countries such as Greece, China and Poland, with some new French translations
coming soon.
My story in Nemonymous #5, “Grandma’s Two Watches”, has a
particular meaning for me, both for being a very personal story, and for being
my first Hebrew story to be published in an English translation – I don’t write
many stories in Hebrew, and I’m delighted that they seem to do as well as the
ones written in English – Ellen Datlow is taking another one for a new SF
anthology from St. Martin’s.
I enjoyed my “Nemonymous Experience”, the beautiful production of the books,
the high quality of the stories, Des’ more-than-occasional ramblings, and the
whole debate it sometimes stirred across the Internet. I also loved making up
user-names to send Des stories with. CaptainNemo101 and Nemo Nymous and all the
rest of the crew. It’s been fun! And I’m delighted Des is re-launching Nemo – may it live long, and prosper. >>

Nemonymous Five (2005):

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