The Horn of Europe

Rhys Hughes has resumed his truly real-time review of THE LAST BALCONY book (2012) HERE with the following entry:

“‘The Horn of Europe’ — great title for a story!
I wish I had come up with this title. Brilliant. This is a great little
philosophical tale, the sort of tale I wish more writers would write more often.
It wears the cloak of a horror story, but it’s not really; the possible horror
is only incidental. Maybe a maniac attacked a little girl. That’s not what the
story is really about. It’s about time and change and that curiously intense
bittersweet feeling that comes when we truly think about the state of the
universe, about entropy, about everything being in flux. It’s a
Heraclitian story. A time travel story without a time machine; a story
about memory and supposition. One of the most important stories in the book so


This is the only story that has knowingly been shown on-line as a sample of the book post-publication:

Specimen Story from ‘The Last Balcony’: THE HORN OF EUROPE

“Expen the scusil. Thrown pen over balcony, whee goes pen…” – Alan Coren

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