Chômu Megazanthus ExOccidente InkerMen

Two of my bookshelves with my collections of Chômu, Megazanthus and Ex Occidente books (plus four from InkerMen) – plus some closer looks in comments below:


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14 responses to “Chômu Megazanthus ExOccidente InkerMen

  1. Just realised there was an Ex Occidente book missing from the photo above, as it was hiding in the discrete Joel Lane section on another bookshelf:

  2. And another Ex O retrieved from my discrete Reggie Oliver collection elsewhere:

  3. My Ex Occidente collection in two shots!

  4. My Chomu collection so far – plus two or three others!

    My eclectic Tartarus Press collection;

    Just a few of the Megazanthus books:

  5. tony lovell

    Absolutely delicious looking!

  6. glast

    By John Cowper Powys in 1933. Above is a Picador bought new in 1975. Next year I took my then young family on holiday to Glastonbury. I am rereading it in 2012, and the gap shows where I have got up to so far.

    My choice of quotes from it:


  7. My edition of Proust’s novel:

  8. nemocluster

    Still for sale: HERE (signed by editor/publisher)

  9. My Reggie Oliver book collection:


  10. My current Joel Lane book collection shown in comment here:

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