Three Graveyard Gongoozlers

Dagon - DF Lewis Special 1989

From Dagon #26 (1989)


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5 responses to “Three Graveyard Gongoozlers

  1. I used this word GONGOOZLER as the title of one of my stories (published in the nineties and reprinted in the Prime book WEIRDMONGER in 2003). Then it was a very obscure word (a word given to me by PFJ above), a word that only those with British esoteric canal-speak knew about. It refers to loafers who hang about canal locks watching others strain and struggle with the windlass and the gates.
    But now, I am amazed to say, there is a wikipedia entry! (after googling it)
    I think to gongoozle is a better word than to google! It seems more appropriate.
    You heard it here first. I expect you all now intend to use this new word for the process of googling!!

    This blog’s title is for those who see tombs or gravestones as lock-gates between death and another journey…

  2. Can you see a man in a cloth cap peering between the two main tombstones above?

  3. Cross reference to Golgonooza here:

    Click twice on above photo to be able to read the names of the three Gongoozlers.

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