The Prowler from Next Wednesday

Cats prowl as part of their essential being; humans prowl when they are up to no good; snakes don’t prowl: they slither, because prowling needs limbs with which to prowl. This is an instinct, rather than a semantic certainty, regarding the word ‘prowl’. ‘The meaning of a word is its use’, once said some famous philosopher…

Extending such an ‘instinct’, I wonder if I can prowl around this text, even through it, so as to explore the lexic undergrowth, testing the various letters’ own limbs, edges, corners, the openings into cul-de-sacs, the closed spaces within some letters themselves, the empty spaces between the end letters of consecutive words and the punctuating non-letters that text-prowlers often call slug-amoeba and dot-mites…

During the previous end-of-paragraph termite-ellipsis, I actually became such a text-prowler for real. I first found myself within the spiky long hedge of the title, reaching ‘Wednesday’ last Thursday, after much obsessive fondling of each letter: until reaching ‘Wednesday’: and it has since taken a long time till now to reach this point…

Now, suddenly, I meet a prowler — from next Wednesday, it claimed

“Are you prowling backwards?” I said, using a high-pitched, strangulated punctuation-tail rather than anything that arguably could be called a tongue.

“No, you are!” it insisted. The voice was like an abridged audio-book, as I remembered the rest of our conversation not recorded here. We indeed became friends and enemies and 143 v 2eeback to friends again during the course of two whole lifetimes, all within the space of a single paragraph. And we still play fast and loose within the tiny interstitial avenues of these very words we prowl…

I couldn’t recall which of us two prowlers first realised that the words we prowled were words about prowlers or prowlers themselves. Upon such sad realisation, we hugged as one, with a catlick-like kiss of love, before there arrived — along with a philosophically terminal termite — not only the next but also the last Wednesday…


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4 responses to “The Prowler from Next Wednesday

  1. This is the second DFL thingie with a title kindly commissioned by G.S. Carnivals of TLO.
    The first one was here:

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