Further Desultories of December

One such Decembrine ‘desultory’ has recently been the cause of this sadly necessary public post on the Thomas Ligotti On-Line discussion forum (TLO): HERE

gothiclight12My soliloquy as tentative explanation for any perceived changes in TLO’s membership ethos since I joined it in 2005 is shown below and is based on my pure observation as well as involvement in its many public discussions since then:-

As background, I have never privately corresponded with Thomas Ligotti nor met him and he has rarely contributed to TLO himself. Instead of being solely a great Horror fiction writer as was perceived  by many to be the case prior to 2007, Thomas Ligotti has now gradually been perceived by some as a philosopher or polemicist with the seminal work entitled ‘The Conspiracy Against the Human Race’ on which, I opine, many opinions are possible (my own 2010 review is here) — a work which thought-activists, rather than literature-lovers, can latch on to or polemicise against, depending on their standpoint. That is no excuse, however, for bad behaviour on the TLO forum. And I refer to all members old and new, including myself.

(This blog title is based on that from here and was kindly given to me for the ‘thingie’ title there by a long-term TLO member.)

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