Warriors of Love – PF Jeffery

The author’s website HERE:

Imagine my delight when I heard recently that — after about twenty five years in the writing by PF Jeffery (and still being written) — his twelve novel series, ‘The Warriors of Love’, is now deservedly starting to see the light of day under an independent publisher as evidenced by the emergence of the first novel in the series: i.e. ‘JANE’.

I was further delighted to discover that the publisher in question is to be the award-winning Chômu Press! Indeed, details of JANE were linked earlier today by the Chômu Press Facebook page in the form of Amazon’s pre-ordering page HERE, with Chômu announcing that further details are due to follow.

Initial background to this series was given by me HERE a couple of months ago (and also in my earlier real-time-review blogs regarding the first two novels in the series).  However, at that time, I was unaware that a new publisher for the first novel was soon to be agreed, having had no involvement at all in any circumstances of its submission by the author to the publisher, until I first heard about its successful culmination from the publisher, requesting a quote about the novel from me. It seems to me (and probably to me only!) that there is a serendipitous fate working through this event somehow. HERE is a page from an old magazine where three Chômu authors from the 21st century are shown together in the 1980s — and I’m not sure whether this is the first time that such a possible serendipity has been noticed by any of the other parties concerned…


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4 responses to “Warriors of Love – PF Jeffery

  1. From a recent review of JANE here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/924425174?book_show_action=true&page=1
    “It is truely inspiring and eye opening read, and a journey I think we should all go through.”

    And another here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/943767641?book_show_action=true&page=1
    “This novel has swagger. Post-apocalyptic fantasy exploring a hyper-feminist society through the youth and eroticism of beaucrat Jane. P.F.Jeffery’s writing bounces with intelligence, charisma, and humor (an absolute pleasure to read)- but still finds the time to critically analyze itself, and feminity, and sex, and love, in a very gentle and confident way.”

    In recent months I have been reading private copies of two novels later in the ‘Warriors of Love’ duodecology: Daisy’s Day and Daisy’s Month.
    These are uniquely charming. Magnetising.

    JANE, meanwhile, can only speak for herself. With that critically slow-burning fuse of the first novel in the series.

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