My favourite books of 2012

sv4I have just sat in my thinking-dome and come up with my picks of books published in 2012 (in addition to THE LAST BALCONY and THE FIRST BOOK OF CLASSICAL HORROR STORIES and BUSY BLOOD!):

The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King

Dadaoism – an anthology from Chômu Press

This Hermetic Legislature (an anthology from Ex Occidente Press)

The Ten Dictates of Alfred Tesseller by D.P. Watt

The Truth Spinner – Rhys Hughes

Celebrant – by Michael Cisco

Peel Back The Sky – Stephen Bacon

The Lighthouse – Alison Moore

Motherless Child – Glen Hirshberg

At Dusk – Mark Valentine

Numbered as Sand or the Stars – John Howard

Eyepennies – a novella by Mike O’Driscoll

The Aesthete Hagiographer – Derek John

The Screaming Book of Horror

PS: Two more in comment below.


Watch out for JANE by PF Jeffery in 2013 – that, as part of the ‘Warriors of Love’ series of twelve discrete novels, I predict will, sooner or later, become a best-seller of the highest objective quality, with definite cinematic potential.


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2 responses to “My favourite books of 2012

  1. I have since realised these two books were first published in 2012 and thus should be included in above list:

    Secret Europe by John Howard and Mark Valentine

    BLACK HORSE and Other Strange Stories by Jason A. Wyckoff
    Only paper books have been considered when drawing up this list.

    I will now consider the Favouritest Favourite below…

    Since compiling the above list this morning, I have been weighing in the balance my most favourite favourite. Each book has a lot going for it for different reasons. Sizeable substantiveness or acute punch. Texture or plot. Wit or sublimity. Aftertaste or real-time reading. Binding or bonding.
    For its acute punch and stunning aftertaste, I give the rosette to THE AESTHETE HAGIOGRAPHER. A very difficult decision.

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