Black Velvet Elephants

salvadorToday’s quoted passage from ‘Hidden Faces’ (1944) a novel by Salvador Dali:

“A warm drop of perspiration formed in each of her armpits and slowly flowed down the whole length of her bare sides, and these two drops were black because each of them reflected the black velvet arms of the chair she was sitting in. But she was so supernaturally beautiful that one might rather have thought that the wings of melancholy hovering near were now folding over her, darkening and transmuting this magnetizing and desirable physical secretion of her anguished flesh into two black pearls of precious grief.”

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  1. ‎”There are faces made for moonlight. There are faces created to respond to the wind. There are faces for sandy deserts, for lonely seashores, for solitary headlands, for misty dawns, for frosty midnights. Cordelia’s face was made for rain. It had nothing in it that was normally beautiful; and yet it became at this moment the living incarnation of all those long hours when rain had mingled with her secretest hopes. Her face was charged with the rain that had streamed down the window-panes at Cardiff Villa, twilight after twilight, while her thoughts had been flying far away; far over dripping forests, far over swollen rivers to green-black castle walls of which she fancied herself the mistress or the captive.”

    —  from ‘A Glastonbury Romance’ by John Cowper Powys

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