The Armageddon Effect

(A) 35 years ago I was creating Daddy Lewis Shows on C 90 cassettes for my son and daughter to enjoy – incorporating my reading and acting voice, pop and classical music, nursery rhymes etc.

(B) Today I am reading, for the first time, HIDDEN FACES – a novel by Salvador Dali. I am becoming in no doubt that it is a truly great novel. Why have I not come across it before? Not surrealistic as such but with stunning images in a Proustian style that would have been quite beyond Proust to achieve. (I am a big fan of Proust, but this Dali novel seems to reach a new level). Or it’s like a Michel Butor anti-novel without the anti-.


Life has taught me to package two subject-diverse as well as time-diverse experiences of pleasure as one. This increases them, by unexpected simile or synergy of creative symbiosis, to a new level beyond the aggregate of their separatenesses.

The above is only one example.

This phenomenon is similar to, but not the same as, what I call the Armageddon Effect. This entails thinking of all personal positive attitudes that you can summon into a mental crystallisation, then attaching this crystallisation to a single arbitrary word as an aide memoire. Then, say, months or years later, with that crystallisation forgotten and with you feeling low and things seeming negative, you might be able to retrieve that word you once used and the positivity floods back with it. Or that’s the theory. The arbitrary word I use is Armageddon. It somehow works.

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