A Vast Concept

GE DIGITAL CAMERAA vast concept approached me from over the horizon of my mind and dared me to put it into words – if I could!

I knew that my words were part of a finite vocabulary and this concept had arrived from a world that had no limit to the number of words available. They just came naturally in that other world like water from a tap.

This otherworldly concept shaped up, showed its muscles, made faces, laughed its socks off, finally sat in my other office chair. (And you know already that that description inevitably fails to give you a complete picture of the concept, because I simply don’t have the right words. Nobody does.)

Suddenly, the concept spoke. Luckily, in words that were from my restricted vocabulary.

“Clearly, I am not ‘vast’ nor do I hurdle your world’s horizons to get here!”

I assumed the concept’s statement ended with an exclamation mark!

“Vast enough for me to imagine you existing invisibly beyond what I see in the chair, ” I answered.

So as to capture the moment, I use what words I can. I spoke what words I could. All these words I’ve already put down for you to read and draw your own conclusions about, like what might lie behind them. Or beyond them.

What I saw was indeed another human being not dissimilar to myself when younger.

What it saw I have no idea.

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  1. This reminds me of a story I once wrote, about a buried giant. An Editor asked me what the story was about, and at the time I couldn’t answer beyond the obvious, I didn’t know. Years later I began using Tom Chetwynd’s excellent Dictionary For Dreamers. After that I looked at the story again and finally came up with an answer.

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