1exThis Spidie couple as mutual self-puppeteers of nothingness with tinges of Ligottianism and Aickmanism.

As I said before, Ligotti fiction = Humanity becoming various Metaphors – while Aickman fiction = Various Metaphors becoming Humanity. Here Spidie is neither and both. Phenomenon. Worth watching the series for this alone. Not that I objectively like the resultant creature! But I hope it stays – as one half of it predicts.

Another striking thing last night was Paula. I actually believe she was genuinely in slow meltdown last night. I feel sorry for her. A bit like Vanessa Feltz on the original CBB. A bit like Shakespearean tragic action in real-time before he actually wrote the play.

Sorry, should be SPEIDI not SPIDIE!
Cf the couple on the sofa in the video for the new David Bowie single today.

[above image by Tony Lovell]


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6 responses to “Speidi

  1. I think Speidi has been wrong-footed in its plots and ploys on more than one occasion. It should be kept in the House merely for its value as catalysticity. Is that a cold sore (a recurring theme for BB in the past) on the male half’s lower lip? If so, that may acount for some of the ‘marriage vow’ preening so as to avoid osculation?

    It was a touching scene between Rylan and Paula. Beauty and the Beast, but which the Beast? Again, for good or ill, two major players.

    Yes, I’m pretty sure it was Paula being referenced vis-a-vis the party in the past.

    Claire being beset with her own past success as a present torment – was a BB classic. Tantamount to David Bowie being played ‘Where Are We Now?’24/7 when he’s 80 and by then living just south of Croydon.

  2. The scene of Speidi with Paula was amazing: the Reality Royalty couple (should be Irreality Royalty, really) acted tantamount to Jehovah’s Witnesses of the Reality for which it is Royal, syrupy, preachy, absorbing Paula in its web…
    …talking of which, Speidi is now to be given by BB its own lair officially for such processes to fully symbioticise….
    Marion is annoyed about this, but this is the Reality of staging Reality, I’m afraid. If a spider can have a grin, this spider did – across two mouths, one ulcerated.

  3. Very chilling, indeed, is Speidi. God Save the Queen, God Save the Queen, followed by a high-five! Taking up the sibling thing, we perhaps should call this monster the Cold Sororist?

    Rylan seems to be becoming the star of this show and his lachrymotics were a delight.

    I think Ryan the Toadfish has a big following on Channel 5 as they broadcast NEIGHBOURS. (Ironic with the sibling thing being his neighbour-from-hell now!). So, perhaps Sam is likely to go tonight. No loss.

  4. http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=182&p=26280#p26280
    Just read that and learn. This said everything I wanted to say and everything I didn’t want to say but would have said had I thought hard enough!
    The outcome of the return from the spy-hole by Speidi also reminded me of the classic Victor big fight years ago, but with different crude abrasions as well as different subtle innuendos. Sometimes enthralling in a filmic way, or theatricality, sometimes disturbing and obnoxious. We do at least have Speidi to ‘thank’ for that emotional provocation.

    Marion wrote: “An interesting psychological note – Spencer has taken to referring to himself and Heidi in the third person. ‘speidi will be nominated this week…’ and so on. Very strange.”
    Strange, yes, but now seemingly natural in the evolution we’ve gradually watched of the horrific single creature Speidi from two selves and two bodies. The synchronised shards of random truth and fiction have now even provided a lair for this creature.

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