Dalí and the Nemonymous


“Solange de Cléda’s face seemed to have become serene, but if at this moment someone had had the curiosity to draw near and look between her half-shut eyelids he would probably have been terrified to observe that they were without sight and that in the slits between her lashes, instead of fixed pupils, only the whites were visible. And it is in the whites of these eyes, smooth as those of blind statues, that Salvador Dalí’s imagination wishes to engrave, and thereby immortalize them at the end of this chapter, the Latin word, ‘NIHIL’, which means ‘NOTHING’.”

The above is today’s quoted passage from ‘Hidden Faces’ (1944) a novel by Salvador Dalí, as translated, in the same year and reportedly in the author’s presence, by Haakon Chevalier.

My other quotes from this book so far: http://expenscusil.wordpress.com/quotes-from-hidden-faces-by-salvador-dali/


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