The Apocryfan

A reprise of Tony Lovell’s sculptural vision of The Apocryphan that appears in ‘The Last Balcony’ collection, a novella which is about to receive its very first review from perhaps its very first independent reader.


Edit: please see third comment below for review’s link.


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4 responses to “The Apocryfan

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  2. An alternative title; THE APOCRYFAN.
    There is another longer novella in the LAST BALCONY hardback collection:
    YESTERFANG (a real word):

  3. An extended quote from THE APOCRYFAN (THE APOCRYPHAN) quoted independently in 2008.
    This novella appeared in various draft forms on-line prior to that date.

  4. I have an Apocryfan!
    Just read here: :-
    “…in ‘The Apocryphan’, Bonnyville seems like a place one could genuinely stroll around, dig behind, poke around in; there’s an authentic sense of place. And the characters that inhabit this novella are three-dimensional too. The fact that the story is told in many interrelated brief sections, rather than as a single clump, also helps to open out the piece still further and lighten it more; or perhaps the structure was necessitated by the spry content (the tone is spry, but it is dark sprightliness.) And yes, the mode is melancholy despite the briskness; and the briskness is luxurious, not hectic; and this peculiar mix of rates of flow and density of detail is handled with supreme skill.”

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