More Dogstones and other Found Art on my walk this morning

Other photos eventually if you click on the comments below on this blog post.



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19 responses to “More Dogstones and other Found Art on my walk this morning

  1. Much to my surprise, I found these dogstones this morning, here, above and below. They weren’t there yesterday!


  2. Intriguing Des. I love that people do stuff like this.

  3. Good grief. I hope you live a safe distance away! Imagine them roaming wild in the night!

  4. This seems to have sprouted up quite quickly near the seafront where I live. It reminds me of the buildings discussed by Jonathan Meades in the recent BBC4 TV programme about Essex — Bata Shoes, Crittall Windows, Frinton art deco workers cottages in an aborted project etc…


    Holland-on-Sea should have been featured on that TV programme, I feel. A strict gridwork of long (uni-named beyond each cross-roads) streets and short streets – of houses and bungalows, each different from the other in a very striking way.

  5. All the dogstones had vanished this morning! No sign of them ever having been there.

    And regarding the white building above, I was told this morning by one of the men working on it: “It is just a single house.”

    Someone wrote on my Facebook this morning about my photo of this building (not necessarily my own opinion):- “It’s a clumsy post-modernist take (out of proportion) on classic thirties art deco architecture. Just what you would expect from a contemporary jobbing “architect” and a cowboy builder.”

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