The Ironic Fantastic

Just received my copies of the Winter issue – in two discrete aesthetic volumes – of SEIN UND WERDEN entitled THE IRONIC FANTASTIC as published by Rachel Kendall and edited by Rhys Hughes. It is really an honour for me to appear in this publication. And this represents a rare ‘outing’ for me these days, and I am very grateful to Rachel and Rhys.


Other authors included: Jason E Rolfe, Sissy Pantelis, Hannah F Lawson, Changming Yuan, Henri Jouvial, Chris Kelso, Caleb Wilson, Gaurav Monga, Kristine Ong Muslim, Douglas Thompson, Theo Travis Geller, Bob Lock, W.C. Bamberger, Nikhil Mane, Lou Antonelli, Jonette Stabbert, Ellaraine Lockie, Renuka Mahadevan, Mark Lewis, Steve Dodd, Bill West, Edwin Birch, Aliya Whiteley, Deviant Moon Tarot Deck, Dan Tannenbaum, David Rix, Terry Grimwood, Steven Pirie, Trent Walters, Adele Whittle.

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