This morning’s very cold walk

Discovered a new dogstone this morning, only a minor event after the mass dogstones from a few days ago, now vanished:


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4 responses to “This morning’s very cold walk

  1. Have any of these Dogstones been accessible, Des? Previous photographs suggest “not very”. Any reports in the local press? Presumably you can’t have been the only witness?

    Or perhaps you were “Chosen”.

    Now that is scary! 😦

    • They are accessible if one is willing to clamber over rocks – which looks like a dangerous activity to me! And then lifting them into position etc. Indeed, there are notices NOT to thus clamber, as dotted along the coast.
      I don’t read local news. That can get very depressing. The time I am down there, the place is not well populated. Though I did spot, from a distance, a woman and her dog staring at the mass dogstones that were there a few days ago.
      As to me being chosen, I keep my powder dry! 🙂

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