Aickman Road, Colchester

I was born in 1948 in Colchester Maternity Hospital (long since demolished).

Reference: Dr Who

cf Aickman Islands

I cannot find a photo of the old Maternity Hospital in Lexden Road but here is another hospital in the same road where I  intermittently have my Iritis treated in the eye unit:

Living Old Woman Location: Colchester – Colchester Hospital, Ward Eight

Type: Manifestation of the Living Date / Time: Unknown Further Comments: The doppelganger of an old woman in bed was spotted within the hospital.


And these are Colchester’s Priory Abbey ruins not far from where my elderly Mum now lives:

Dark Smiling Figure Location:

Colchester – St Botolph’s Priory Type: Post-Mortem Manifestation Date / Time: 1993 Further Comments: A young girl reported that while playing with her friends around the gravestones, she saw a dark figure by a tomb that smiled at her before disappearing into thin air.


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