Madness Personified


This novel — ‘The Inmates’ by John Cowper Powys —  promises to be HILARIOUS … worrying, too. Worrying in itself regarding the nature of insanity, but also worrying in that nobody has really reviewed it in detail since it was published in 1952. I have started my review HERE.

Looks to be another haunting ‘sanatorium’ story like ‘The Magic Mountain’ by Thomas Mann and ‘The Hospice’ by Robert Aickman.

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  1. “It wasn’t that he gave John a wink. That would be to put it grossly. It was rather as if he took the eyelid-flicker with which a wink would naturally begin, caught it with impalpable fingers and released it, like an invisible thought-moth, in the kitchen-garden of John’s brain.”
    — from THE INMATES (1952) by John Cowper Powys

    This is where you take your reading-life within your own jurisdiction. I shall not be able to hold your hand any more as you delve further into this book. Every reader for themselves. I am halfway through this book and it is nightmarizing Aick-MANN in a geometric rather than an arithmetic progression and then adding elements from Powys’ earlier book ‘The Glastonbury Romance’ as the Large Hadron Collider might add them.

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