‘Morwyn’ – John Cowper Powys


Above is my copy of ‘Morwyn‘ by John Cowper Powys that I bought new: i.e. the Sphere Books  ‘The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult’ edition published in 1977, the novel’s first publication having been in 1937.

The front cover has this sub-heading: “The Classic Novel of a Terrifying Journey into Hell” but the sub-title on the inside title page is ‘The Vengeance of God’.


My first edition of PORIUS by John Cowper Powys (1951 Macdonald: London):



My review of ‘The Inmates’ by John Cowper Powys HERE.

My favourite quotes from ‘The Glastonbury Romance’ by John Cowper Powys HERE.




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6 responses to “‘Morwyn’ – John Cowper Powys

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    I also own ‘Wolf Solent’ and ‘Lucifer’ but currently can’t seem to find them.

  2. Rog

    Probably you know Colin Wilson commented that A Glastonbury Romance was the only novel he knew written from a God’s-Eye point of view – that’s not a quote; it’s years since I read the Wilson book. I’m afraid I haven’t yet had the courage to attempt reading A Glastonbury Romance. You know how stop-start my reading’s become. It’s tempting though, and still here on a shelf.

  3. Thanks, Rog. That’s interesting new information to me about Wilson.
    Let me encourage you to start GR…. 🙂

    • Rog

      I’ve just dragged out Colin Wilson’s lengthy tome The Occult. He quotes from ‘Wilson Knight’s book on John Cowper Powys’ – ‘Those who have incurred his anger have so invariably suffered misfortune that he has, as it were, been forced into a life of almost neurotic benevolence … Powys’s early ambition to become a magician was no idle dream.’ (p. 62 – of Knight’s book presumably).

      On page 65 of The Occult Colin Wilson writes:
      A Glastonbury Romance is probably unique in being the only novel written from a “God’s-eye” point of view. The simplest way of illustrating this is to quote it’s first paragraph:’

      And he does just that.

      The index of The Occult lists 21 of its pages with references to Powys. I turned to one at random and found a reference to Powys’s belief late in life that ‘…when I die it is the complete and absolute end of me’. Then goes on to cite a medium apparently seeing his ghost beside Knight at a public meeting. But this seems to be going into territory other than what you’re discussing here.

      ‘Other than what’ is good English. I checked it in my Handbook to Good Writing (E. Wise, Weidenfeld and Decker, 1981).

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