Beyond Hiraeth

    Disturbing Fiction Collaborations with me!   – collaborators listed below – a selection of collaborative stories written before the Turn of the Century. The contents are complete below and the manuscript prepared, although there may be one or two more should I be able to contact the writers involved.
    If anyone knows a publisher who would be interested in putting these into a book….
    The Sound of Children – DF Lewis & Anthea Holland (fantasque 2000)
    Variations on the Vile – DF Lewis & Richard Gavin (Book of Dark Wisdom 2003)
    Knuckledraggers, Inc. – DF Lewis & John Travis (The Zone 1999)
    Popper’s in the Wine – DF Lewis & P.F. Jeffery (Lateral Moves 1998)
    In the Belly of the Snake – DF Lewis & Paul Pinn (The Edge 1996)
    I Consume That of the Edge of Exquisite Taste – DF Lewis & Craig Sernotti (Not Dead, But Dreaming 1997)
    The London Fairground – DF Lewis & Allen Ashley (The Heliograph 1999)
    Harvest Time – DF Lewis & Gordon Lewis (Enigmatic Tales 2000)
    Three Suns For Yesterday – DF Lewis & Jeff Holland (shown on-line)
    Don’t Drown the Man Who Taught You to Swim – DF Lewis & David Mathew (Redsine 2002, Paranoid Landscapes 2006)
    The Fat Bat – DF Lewis & Scott Urban (Octobyr 1998)
    Tale With Unknown Collaborator – DF Lewis & Carlton Mellick (shown on-line)
    The Slippery Pearls – DF Lewis & Mike Philbin/Hertzan Chimera (Masque 1995)
    NITS – DF Lewis & Paul Bradshaw (Voyage 1999)
    Tungus – DF Lewis & Jeff Holland (Rictus 1995)
    The Shoal – DF Lewis & Lawrence Dyer (shown on-line)
    The Moon Pool – DF Lewis & M.F. Korn (Eraserhead Press 2001)
    The Quest of the Mouther – DF Lewis & Rhys Hughes (Visions 1997)
    The Swimming Pool – DF Lewis & Tony Mileman
    Disaffected Blood – DF Lewis & David Price (Unhinged 2000)
    Tiny Hooks and Dainty Door-Keys – DF Lewis & Mark McLaughlin (Flesh & Blood 2003)
    Mary’s Broken House – DF Lewis & Dominy Clements (shown on-line)
    The Winged Menace – DF Lewis & John B Ford (The Evil Entwines 2002)
    Finnegan Awake – DF Lewis & Simon Woodward (shown on-line)
    This Flight Tonight – DF Lewis & Gary Couzens (Substance 1994, Second Contact 2003)
    Remission – DF Lewis & Anthea Holland (Roadworks 1996)
    There are many other such collaborations and the above represent a selection.
    The multiple collaborationss with Stuart Hughes (published as BUSY BLOOD (2012)),
    with Gordon Lewis (published as ONLY CONNECT (1998) and A MAN TOO MEAN TO BE ME (2012)),
    with Tim Lebbon (hopefully to be published in 2013 as LET’S EAT MONSTERS)
    and with Marge Simon THE HORN’s LAST RITE (currently seeking a publisher),
    the WORDHUNGER collaborations now published in print.
    • The Marge Simon DFL-collaboration site here:
      Seeking publisher for…. ‘THE HORN’S LAST RITE’ by Des Lewis and Marge Simon – fiction collaborations conducted transatlantically by paper post in the early nineteen nineties.

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