I have just finished my review of ‘Defeated Dogs’, a story collection by Quentin S Crisp, and its accompanying pamphlet (see the link below). A great book. I sense it centres around a feeling of ‘unrequited writing’… A new Chocolate Factory. Sado-Ga-Shima is, for me, the QSC masterpiece overtaking ‘Tzimtzum’ by a hair’s breadth, but they’re all wonderful and a few may well become greater upon re-reading. Has anyone read Sado-Ga-Shima in its earlier incarnation? 
All my reviews so far in 2013:

January 2013: FIRST NOVEL and QUILT by Nicholas Royle (HERE.)
February 2013: DEHISCENCE by D. P. Watt
February 2013: The Last Gold of Decayed Stars by Colin Insole
February 2013: TALLEST STORIES by Rhys Hughes
February 2013: O Altítudo by Thomas STRØMSHOLT
February 2013: The Sea Change & Other Stories by Helen Grant
March 2013: THE NEW FATE by Jonathan Wood
March 2013: Rameau’s Nephew by Denis Diderot
March 2013: BFS JOURNAL Winter 2012 / 2013
March 2013: THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN – Thomas Mann
March 2013: Black Static #33
March 2013: INTERZONE #245
March 2013: ‘Onion Songs’ by Steve Rasnic Tem
April 2013: Star Kites – Mark Valentine
April 2013: The Madman of Tosterglope – Louis Marvick
April 2013: Jacques the Fatalist – Denis Diderot
April 2013: The Inmates – John Cowper Powys
May 2013: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #43
May 2013: JANE – by PF Jeffery
May 2013: SPIN – by Nina Allan
May 2013: WHITSTABLE – Stephen Volk
May 2013: DEFEATED DOGS – Quentin S. Crisp
May 2013: Black Static #34

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