Heaven in E11, or Late in Stone

I have just returned from a few days’ highly enjoyable holiday in Leytonstone, London E11, as the guest of PFJ and Jhina. Thanks to them. Just a few of the memories:
A wonderful, if over-hot, journey to Theydon Bois where the Epping Forest provided welcome deep, labyrinthine, shade from the sun. We explored, with much potential to become lost, an incredibly impressive array of mainly mighty but also some toppled hugely-rooted trees, many of them with mutant or spreading bases and/or multi-trunked…
…and, another day, the exceptionally weird St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (in Leytonstone) with a huge expanse of clustered ‘holy’ tall statuary, tombs, grave plots, all very strangely crammed together, many overgrown, many tilting, revealing gaps between slab and ground, some sunken. All stones bearing the death date but not the birthdate…but are the tombs’ tenants now in Heaven or still in E11?
…And, the very enjoyable book launch in Peckham for Chomu Press, PS Publishing and Eibonvale Press where I shook hands (in no particular order) with David Rix, Quentin S Crisp, Nina Allan, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Douglas Thompson, Allen Ashley, Joel Lane, Charles Wilkinson, John Howard, Ray Cluley, Alistair Rennie, Trevor Denyer, Gary Couzens, Andre Paine, Andrew Hook and possibly others I have unforgivably allowed to slip my mind. [The books launched with readings: the ‘Rustblind and Silverbright’ anthology, ‘Jane’ by PF Jeffery, ‘Helen’s Story’ by Rosanne Rabinowitz, ‘Stardust’ by Nina Allan and ‘Defeated Dogs’ by Quentin S Crisp.]

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  1. It was great to see you, Des!

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