Sleepers – Christopher Harman

Extract from my real-time review of RUSTBLIND AND SILVERBRIGHT.

Sleepers – Christopher Harman
“In an adjoining room a single garment hung from a hook.”
I said earlier of a story that it would not be the last time you heard its title. I guarantee, here, that you will now no longer be able to disassociate the word ‘Sleepers’ and the name Christopher Harman. I have reviewed HERE a story by Christopher Harman before, i.e. ‘Deep Water’, and I thought then that this was a name to watch and how right I was!
SLEEPERS is an unquestionable horror masterpiece, taking the feel of Robert Aickman – sown with a countrified version of David A. Riley’s ‘Grudge End’ – to realms of extreme extrapolation and nightmarish vision, where this book’s leitmotif of landscape-layering of industrial and countryside (here in the Pennines where Vince and drifty ‘non-coper’ Rory are touring together) is adumbrated with great force – plus a hotel that you will never forget, denizens that lurk, then a fully visualisable derelict station, too, and that land ‘layering’ shakes the book itself: and, at first, I wrongly assumed it was some form of fracking, but it’s really the trains that pass through its pages that shake my floor. Here a beast of a train rumbles utterly insidiously with significant implications for the humanity we have become in this country. I really don’t think I should dare to become a sleeper ever again in case I dream of what happened in this story, a story that is ever in an exponential overdrive of horror-generated stylistics.

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  1. A very tempting review. Almost tempting enough to lure me from my predetermined list… But not quite!

    A will of iron!!!

    Hah! 🙂

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