Didcotts and Leminscates

I have just completed my real-time review of RUSTBLIND AND SILVERBRIGHT, a landmark anthology of railway stories.

Whichever Train you choose this book is its Holy Grailtrack.

  • I have now read for the first time much of the non-story material in this book, as I promised, and, contrary to what I intended, I will now say a few words about it. I think it appropriate that I used the word ‘theatrical’ regarding the final story, and indeed theatre is the ultimate collaboration or gestalt, with this book being divided into three Acts, starting with an introduction which now gives, for me at least, a very evocative epilogue (for some a prologue) to the magic of the railway and its literary world, the lines of print, the fulfilling anxiety of its travel – and there are some wonderful intermissions, too, along the way, illuminating the track ahead of the wordsteam. A man with a lamp and a flag or the ‘key’ to the single track. Congratulations to that man. (Above wordsteam not a slip for wordstream!)

    [Four of my own railway stories that were once published are shown HERE and humbly offered as a a sort of coda to my review.]


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