All my Rhys Hughes books

…that I’ve collected over the years:


All my reviews of Rhys Hughes work: HERE

LATER EDIT: One book above is wrongly shown (notified in comments below) but there are a further two books accidentally not shown above that are now shown in comments below



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12 responses to “All my Rhys Hughes books

  1. Amazing how much can come of writing just 250 words a day.

  2. Just noticed that ‘The Tales From Tartarus’ book above should not be included in the photo, as it isn’t a Rhys Hughes book! Ah well…

  3. The three ‘books’ of which the titles are unclear above are: In Praise of Ridicule, Romance with Capsicum and The Eyelidiad.

    I also have Theaker’s Quarterly Fictions #39 and #40 in book form that have substantial amounts of Thornton Excelsior stories.

  4. Two of my Rhys Hughes books accidentally missed out from above pile: The Coanda Effect & Sangria in the Sangraal


  5. Gloomy Seahorse Press (2014)

  6. Gloomy Seahorse Press (2014)

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