Aickman: A Centenary Anthology (Noose & Gibbet 2014)

I am very excited at the prospect of this anthology edited by Johnny Mains and as inspired by one of my favourite authors: Robert Aickman. Current details HERE.  photo aickmanfinished_zps4a446ef4.jpg


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7 responses to “Aickman: A Centenary Anthology (Noose & Gibbet 2014)

  1. I recently contacted the publisher about this book I pre-ordered by payment a few months ago – there could be a delay of up to a month.

  2. I have recently written off what I invested by pre-ordering this book. If the Aickman Centenary book never appears, I hereby agree that the publisher can use the money instead to help with his current kickstarter Pan Book of Horror project.

  3. Another year has gone by since I wrote on this thread.

  4. Johnny Mains has just kindly refunded me the pre-investment I made for his AICKMAN project that has not materialised.

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