British Fantasy Society (5)

Following the very sad event in November, there has been an interesting and sometimes controversial debate on the British Fantasy Society discussion forum: “Proposing An Award for Joel Lane” and I personally think that debate could now provide a useful watershed for the Society (under its new management) after a few turbulent years. I patiently await the Committee’s discussions about voting that we were told about on that thread a few days ago.

As just one member, my own position is that I have always thought it strange to have named awards at all, but as we do have named awards, I believe that Joel is the worthiest possible candidate for such an honour for many reasons. I am not on Facebook but I have been told there is a groundswell of membership in favour of this proposal and that is why I have been supporting it. (I wish more members actually came to the official BFS Forum outside of Facebook).

We would only know for certain about membership support with a vote prior to any AGM decision. Based on my understanding of AGM procedures, I feel there is a danger, particularly without a prior membership vote, that this type of proposal could get through an AGM without membership support just as easily as it might not get through even if it has membership support (or any other permutation).


My memories of Joel Lane:

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