Twin Peaks and Finnegans Wake

imageExtract from my real-time review here of FINNEGANS WAKE by James Joyce:

–> Page 466
“He is looking aged with his pebbled eyes, and johnnythin too, from livicking on pidgins’ ifs with puffins’ ands,…”

“Let us be holy and evil and let her be peace on the bough.”

“With your dumpsey diddely dumpsey die, fiddeley fa. Diavoloh!”
That reminds me of Leland Palmer’s song in TWIN PEAKS. And it has ignited in my mind several comparisons between FW and this landmark TV series by David Lynch. The backward speech, in particular, as SKOOB was mirrored backwards earlier in tune with this book’s captchas and insidious wordplay rhythms and muddles that infiltrate the mind etc. The sexual concatenations, too. The incestuous implications (eg: Leland and HCE). In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think TP may have been inspired or at least Jungianly synchronised by FW. This does not seem to have been noticed before, perhaps not even noticed by Lynch and his colleagues!

EDIT (a bit later today): And Nadine in TP wore an eye patch on her left eye, as James Joyce did. Much has been spoken about Nadine in this regard, and I do wonder if she had iritis rather than losing it in a riding accident.
If further TP-FW connections arise, I shall mention them in the comment stream below.


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3 responses to “Twin Peaks and Finnegans Wake

  1. –> Page 473
    Shaun having become Jaun now becomes Haun. (Cf Horn in Twin Peaks).
    ” Brave footsore Haun! Work your progress! Hold to! Now! Win out, ye divil ye! The silent cock shall crow at last. The west shall shake the east awake. Walk while ye have the night for morn,…”
    cf ‘The silent cock shall crow at last’ with ‘The owls are not what they seem.’ And also cf Fire walk with me with above.
    And TP’s ‘man in a smiling bag’ is some arcane or hopeful reference to an eyepatch? Or capsflap?

  2. PS: I am only recording such comparisons from page 466 onward as, before that, I hadn’t thought about looking for such comparisons.

  3. –> Page 501
    I have just remembered in tune with my FW review’s captcha, captive themes, eg Proust’s captive, captive authors as pre- and retro- influences of FW, etc etc – Lynch has now been captured – especially with Audrey Horn who was central to Twin Peaks as a sort of archetypal captive…

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