The Magic of LEDLO

The modern day canon of the LES ÉDITIONS DE L’OUBLI to date:


Aornos by Avalon Brantley
A Dead Church by Harold Billings
HISTORY OF ‘LES EDITIONS DE L’OUBLI’: Letters from Oblivion by Andrew Condous
Plus these three books that are also modern day LEDLOs from Bucharest:

The Aesthete Hagiographer by Derek John
O Altítudo by Thomas STRØMSHOLT

All the above links are to my real-time reviews.

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One response to “The Magic of LEDLO

  1. I have just received my purchased copies of:

    THE MONK’S BIBLE by Harold Billings

    THE STREAM & THE TORRENT by Brian Howell

    bill bill2

    Les Éditions de L’Oubli MMIV

    Previous ‘Les Éditions de L’Oubli’ in the modern age are shown here.

    Previous reviews of all my purchased Zagava – Ex Occidente books are linked from here.

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