Today’s “found art” – and L’Oubli


I have long expounded on ‘the synchronised shards of random truth and fiction’ (please google the expression) ever since it was used as the sub-title of the Prime Books ‘WEIRDMONGER: The Nemonicon’ in 2003.
In the last few days I have been real-time reviewing ‘LETTERS FROM OBLIVION’ by Andrew Condous: a history of Bucharest’s historic Les Editions de L’Oubli published in 2014 by Bucharest’s modern Les Editions de L’Oubli. Here in this real-time review I stumbled on a replacement for the now obsolete ‘shards’ expression above and this is ‘both sides of the truth’ which, admittedly, is not an original set of words on my part. But posing it as a dilemma between those two sides of the truth with regard to the art of fiction I think there may be some new food-for-thought – for those who think about such things at all!

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