A Tautology


All my Real-Time Reviews from 2008 are listed and linked for your on-line reading pleasure here and continuation page here.

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2014: An author always appreciates a reviewer who is able to read deeply enough in the text to evaluate the plot, the style, and all the other things that constitute the finality of what is finally here, or there, — between an appreciation of the structure of the book, its design, the binding, the production. Des does a remarkable job in his Gestalt approach to “feel” each part of a book as he reads it, and to provide evaluation and reaction, without giving away the answers to questions that a reader must encounter as he or she reads through what is hoped to be a flowing text until it concludes.

Other reactions HERE.

Books I’m led to by other books, strings of books, excitation nodes.” – Melanie Tem (from her story ‘Singularity’)


Stevie Walsh here on 6 Apr 14: “To connect with the physical reality of the art form is an act of communing with the creator for me – and that demands respect and a certain amount of physical interaction. That is my firmly held belief!”

Any unlikely profits from my own literary works or from multi-authored anthologies I have published are re-invested in purchasing other authors’ physical books for this gestalt real-time reviewing project, but mainly these purchases are financed by my own retirement pension: part of which is available as pocket money for buying books as a reading hobby.

I only buy books I instinctively know I shall enjoy reading and reviewing. I do not accept review copies.

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    Yes, my comment under 2014. -Harold

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