War Requiem at Snape

warreq1warreq3Last night I was privileged to attend a performance of Benjamin Britten’s ‘War Requiem’. As a non-technical fan of all forms of classical music modern and ancient, I had been listening recently to a number of Britten’s works in preparation for this landmark occasion: e.g. The Turn of the Screw, Death in Venice, the three String Quartets, Cello Symphony … and to the War Requiem itself at least three times on the day before last night’s live concert: music that, for me, rests upon the uniquely optimal cusp of the modernistic and the melodic, of stirring inspiration and anguished humility. My reaction to the truly stunning performance by the gathered forces listed below even exceeded my cumulative expectations, further enhanced, as it was, by the acoustically and atmospherically perfect Snape Maltings concert hall setting. In fact, I would emphatically judge the whole event to be my most fulfilling musical experience during 66 years on this planet: a studied statement of sentiment within me not just for today but also for this year of memorial and onward.

University of Essex Choir
Essex Sinfonia
Canterbury Choral Society Youth Choir
Alwyn Mellor, Soprano
Benjamin Hulett, Tenor
Benjamin Appl, Baritone
Conductor: Richard Cooke


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3 responses to “War Requiem at Snape

  1. NB: the composer and the two male soloists in that War Requiem performance are all named ‘Benjamin’.

    A recent musical experience of mine in Clacton with links to two others: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/petite-messe-solennelle/

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