Dreamcaptcha Book Reviews

I am now beginning tentatively to refer to my gestalt real-time reviews as dreamcatcher reviews or dreamcaptchas.

There now seems to be a growing trend to eschew negative book reviewing for many of the reasons I’ve given on this site for the last few years. Just google “‘negative book reviews'” to see some of the discussions on this subject.
In this light, as has been said elsewhere, the positive goal nowadays is actually to get your book chosen for public review, its choice as a subject for that review and subsequent appreciation in that review being a synergistic unity. Thus, a book not being chosen for public review is tantamount to the new negative review, I would say.
Please refer also to my much earlier The Hothouse and the Heuristic article and its appendix.
My view has long been that review books in that Hothouse area, as defined, should be purchased by the reviewer with the natural instincts of purchasing a good read: a fair, ’unmotivated’ review then given publicly: and, thus, the best of all worlds with money put into the book system as well as each book naturally praised to encourage reading specifically or generally (unless those ‘instincts’ misfire): this being the new economics of independent literature.

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