The sea’s skyline last night and Last Balcony news


Despite InkerMen Press closing its business last October, I note the mystery that THE LAST BALCONY is still for apparent regular sale on Amazon. I don’t know how long that is going to last.
Last year, I personally salted away 50 copies of this book for anyone in future needing a signed copy of it and that is still the position.
It is a lovely looking book with Tony Lovell’s artwork but I shall leave others to judge the contents of its text! As far as I know, no review copies were sent out and its only review (a giant one by Rhys Hughes) is shown here.
It is the only place where my two novellas, THE APOCRYFAN and YESTERFANG, can be experienced.

In addition, five signed copies of ‘A Dead Monument To Once Ancient Hope‘ for sale here.

Today’s ‘found art’ when visiting Frinton – with gate pillar as a stylised man or a sculptural version of the above LB book’s front cover design:
image image

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  1. I have now re-issued Weirdtongue, Last Balcony stories, The Apocryfan / Yesterfang as three reasonably priced Megazanthus books:

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