Flashes and Fables


I continue my daily marathon real-time reviews of the 330 flash fictions and fables of Rhys Hughes here:
Flash in the PantheonRhysop’s Fables

I have just finished my dreamcatcher review of the fiction in Interzone #252 where I seem to hook into an essence of the words ‘a dead monument to once ancient hope’.

I currently have for sale THE LAST BALCONY and WEIRDTONGUE at the same price as they were previously sold by Amazon before the InkerMen Press closed its publishing business. They can be signed.
Once the ‘The Last Balcony’  has gone, my novellas ‘The Apocryfan’ and ‘Yesterfang’ within it will become unavailable unless they are reprinted by another independent publisher. However, my reading aloud of both novellas should still be available free but I haven’t checked its on-line viability for a long time.*

*(later today) I have now checked and my reading aloud of The Hawler, Klaxon City, Weirdtongue, The Apocryfan and Yesterfang seems to be fully available as linked from HERE.

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