The Moon King



THE MOON KING by Neil Williamson

NewCon Press 2014

A significant new book. An extract shown below from my on-going real-time review of it HERE:

imagemoonking3Overnight, I have been thinking hard about this novel, and I feel, so far, that it is, at least on one level, a rare example of an astrological novel, indeed a unique meta-astrological extrapolation, breaking even more ground than Eleanor Catton’s award-winning THE LUMINARIES which I reviewed here a few months ago, saying, inter alia: “…as if the ground we walk upon is paradoxically both our anchoring fate and our model to mould.” — The Moon, you see, is often considered to be a weaker component of a Natal Chart than the Sun and the Ascendant degree, but now, thank goodness, it’s perhaps getting its due deserts, outdoing even all our multi-planetary Transits and Progressions. Not the Houses but the Mansions of the Moon?

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