Today’s Skyline Plus News


For a year or so I have shown some photographs of a strange unexplained visitor beside the balcony of a large house situated nearby, for example:


Today she wasn’t there, but what is that new bird-like ‘thing’ on the balcony proper:


Past review of JANE (Chomu Press): the first of a duodecology of novels entitled The Warriors of Love:
“It is a work of towering imagination, staggering wit and vital energy.”

From a more recent review of JANE here: :
“It is truely inspiring and eye opening read, and a journey I think we should all go through.”

And from another more recent review here: :
“This novel has swagger.”

In recent months I have been reading private copies of two novels later in the Warriors of Love duodecology: Daisy’s Day and Daisy’s Month. — These are uniquely charming. Magnetising.

JANE, meanwhile, can only speak for herself. With that critically slow-burning fuse of the first Chomu Press novel in the series.


I have today completed my real-time review of a new novel: The Moon King (NewCon Press):
The NewConfinement. A remarkable book. For me it relates to the Prenatal Epoch. But for others, it may be about something else.
Thanks for delivering it unto the world.
It is one that has brought the best out of me, I hope.


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