Yesteryear’s Skyline

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Doctor Faustus – By Thomas Mann

I think I have at last come to the book I was always meant to read, a stunning, astonishing book, received yesterday as a Father’s Day present.  The novel by Thomas Mann: Doctor Faustus. The culmination of a reading life.
page 57
but we heard it as greedily, as large-eyed, as children always hear what they do not understand or what is even entirely unsuitable — indeed, with far more pleasure than the familiar, fitting, and adequate can give them. Is it believable that this is the most intensive, splendid, perhaps the very most productive way of learning: the anticipatory way, learning that spans wide stretches of ignorance? As a pedagogue I suppose I should not speak in its behalf; but I do know that it profits youth extraordinarily. And I believe, that the stretches jumped over fill in of themselves in time.

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