Thomas Pynchon pinched my next novel


On-going quotes from Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann as I read it: (Cf: the vexed texture of text or atonal music)

Seaside stuff on V of E:

I am currently reading Thomas Pynchon’s massive Against the Day : a changeling’s foundling whence or whither my own novel ‘Nemonymous Night’ was given or gave birth.


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4 responses to “Thomas Pynchon pinched my next novel

    The Captain Nemo (nymous) / Pynchon Against the Day VISION in ‘Doctor Faustus’.

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  3. I am now coming up to about halfway in Pynchon’s AGAINST THE DAY and I know already it is his masterpiece. This is what I said about its subject matter today:

    I shall no doubt have more to say when I’ve finished reading it. I have just travelled alongside Pynchon and the Chums of Chance under and through the sub-desert. I can’t help but compare this novel with my own NEMONYMOUS NIGHT novel published in June 2011 by Chomu Press. Mine was first written piecemeal in 2005/6 on public blogs, while Pynchon’s novel was first published in Nov 2006. It is impossible either author read the other’s book at that time; they are vastly different novels as well as being uncannily similar. Similar, other than the fact that the Pynchon novel is far far superior, of course, to mine. But I am proud it is similar as well as so utterly different….

    Also relevant:

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