Illuminatus! and Big Brother


Marion wrote: The task tonight was a dance off between teams, Street Elite and Foor Soldiers. Natually Zoe was the coach. This is the second task to showcase her theatrical skills. And no HM ever criticises her although by rights she should be under the same cloud as Pav.Hmmm…Is her Dad a member of the Illuminati?[…] She’s [Helen] really on her BB journey now – very near rehabilitated. It must be the work of the Illuminati.

It was simply the way ponderously half-a-sandwich Winston (Young Churchill lookalike) brought up the Illuminati subject himself out of the blue that convinced me. It didn’t seem to have a context. It just was.
As to Mark complaining to God if his eyebrows, hair-straighteners etc. weren’t up to scratch in Heaven, and saying that Jesus would help him. I foresaw odalisque Danielle up there, too, somehow, tending to Heavenly affairs….


All this reminds me why I have been watching and commenting upon Big Brother here for the last ten years!


(Also enjoyed Super-Cassandra’s sound-bites about Orwell’s 1984 book)

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