La Traviata – OperaUpClose in Colchester

I was positively uplifted by the performance that I experienced last night at the Mercury Theatre of Verdi’s tragic La Traviata…
This was a ‘chamber’ version, with the backing of cello, piano and clarinet; the opera’s darkness was distilled while the chorus and any false splendour were eschewed.
It made me think of Zemlinsky, Richard Strauss, Mahler, even early to middle period Philip Glass, as well as Verdi himself. Almost tinged with Schoenberg’s Transfigured Night’s absorbing traces of an injected twenties jazz thread amid Edwardian melodrama.
And the acting was equally as brilliant as the soaring act of singing by all parties, particularly by Violetta whose death following mock recovery was absolutely perfect. Heart wrenching.
Grand opera made intimate for a large sell-out audience … many of them with November coughs.

Later discovered all the roads back to Clacton via Clingoe Hill were closed!

My previous music excursion in my local area, with links to others–> HERE

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