Who still reads Ebooks these days?
I thinks realbooks are coming back with a vengeance.
Ebooks don’t seem to have the traction of realreading.
Serious reading is absorbing the palimpsest of word and paper.

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  1. Tony Lovell But when I place a hand on my old copy of Lord of the Rings I can feel the whole thing of the adventure squirming against my skin.
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      Tony Lovell A kindle is like looking into a crystal ball: a book is like the thing the Crystal ball is telling you about.
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      Des Lewis Two brilliant summations, Tony, I think. Thanks.
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      Ade Hodges I do. Saves a lot of space, and stops my removals guy cussing me when I love house.
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      Donald Pulker I share your feelings on this topic, Des (and Tony). I actually firmly believe that real books are intrinsically superior to ebooks and that it’s not just a matter of horses for courses — and there’s research to back this up:

      See More

      It’s time to power down your Kindle.|By Mic

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